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Please follow these simple steps to Order:


1. Send us your list of orders with Quantity, Product 

    Description and Brand (see our Price list for details) thru our

    FB Messenger or email at supprin.co@gmail.com

2. Kindly wait for our Quotation/s based on the list of orders

    you have sent.

3. Confirm our Quotation/s

4. Choose how to receive your item: 

      *PICK-UP - Ordered Items to be picked-up in our Imus Store

                           or Gen. Tri Branch. 

      *FREE DELIVERY -  For orders that met the Required

                           Minimum Amount. This is on a scheduled basis

                           and must be within our serviceable area.

       *PRIVATE FREIGHT - For orders to be shipped through                                       third party Freight / Cargo Provider. (Payment

                           must be provided before proceeding with the


5. We will prepare your orders and wait for confirmation if

     your orders are complete & ready.

6. Mode of Payment: 

       *PICK-UP - Cash upon pick-up

       *FREE DELIVERY - Cash on Delivery

       *SPECIAL DELIVERY RATE - Cash on Delivery 

       *PRIVATE FREIGHT - Deposit thru our Bank Account

NOTE: Orders that are Below the Required Minimum Amount is subject to delivery charge. The higher the purchase, the lower the delivery charge and depending on the location.

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